Pennies for Pushups and Situps!


We have started pushing and pulling… watch this space for our progress!

We would like multiple sponsors for each person doing the fitness work – so each repetition can be worth a dime, a quarter, or even a dollar! Here is our current sponsorship status:

Check out the details for our fundraising effort on the A2A3 fundraising page: Help Raise Funds.

To sponsor us by the pushup/situp visit our sponsorship form here!: ONE PENNY AT A TIME

Or – simply email us if you just want to tell us how much you’d like to donate each month and have us bill you – send emails to [email protected] or [email protected].

Want to JOIN US and do pushups or situps (or anything else) for pennies as a member or our A2A3 team? Email us with your ideas, or click here to sign up with us: Pennies for X Signup Form

Bonus: send us a small photo and we’ll make you famous in the pushups for pennies world…
Our Pennies Team:
Joel D., Cammie D., Kenzie D., and YOU???

Check the guages below for our progress. We need pushup/situp artists as well as pledgers, and people to spread the word! Please email this link to your friends:
Our Team Reps Total:

Our Total Dollars Earned (So Far)