Current Initiatives

  • Training for a Cure
    Check out the red buttons on the right side of our page – A2A3 has coaches and mentors to support individuals in their goal to be active: run a marathon, start regular exercise, take up biking or yoga.  Training for a Cure helps participants reach their goal, and encourages them to raise money for A2A3 through pledges for meeting that goal.
  • Coaching for a Cure
    That yellow button is for coaching-related activities.  Each season, hundreds of volunteers coach teams throughout Ann Arbor and appreciative parents often collect money to offer their team coaches a gift.  Coaching for a Cure makes information about ALS and about A2A3 available and lets people know that at a coach’s request, donations can be made to this non-profit.  Coach Riyaz Kanji’s account of how his team has already made a difference can be read at this blog post, One Coach’s Story.
  • Kids Active for a Cure
    Kids are involved with many of our activities – but some events and activities are mainly for kids – find these at at the blue button.  A2A3 has coaches ready to work with children to plan a group activity, or set a personal goal and then to accomplish it. Corporate sponsors have pledged their readiness to donate to A2A3 in support of children who meet their goal
  • Nutrition
    Food matters – especially if you are getting active and training.  Check out the green button on the right to see our new nutrition blog, hosted by Libby Showalter – she’ll answer your questions privately or on the blog!  Eat right, exercise, and get in shape with A2A3.  Do it for us – and for yourself, too!