Ice Bucket Challenge

Have you taken the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Read this July 2016 New Yorker article on the long-lasting benefits of the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Who knew a bucket of ice water could raise so much awareness for ALS? THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the challenge and contributed! Is it your turn to “dump and donate”? Make your $100 IBC contribution HERE.

Watch Bob Schoeni’s Ice Bucket Challenge: 

The Ice Bucket Challenge started in July when a young ALS patient named Pete Frates and his family made it their mission to spread awareness about the disease. Learn more about Team Frate Train in our up-coming Newsletter. The Frates Ice Bucket Challenge is proof that being Active Against ALS makes a huge difference.

Our Board Nominates YOU to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

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Watch more IBC videos from our members:

Joel Dalton:

Sam Robins:

Knut, Bekan & Rowan Hill:

Katy and Vivian Ross:

Jackie Dalton:

Gretchen Spreitzer:

Maddie Schoeni:

Sophie Schoeni:

Jennifer Beam Dowd:

Braydon and Jackson Snyder:

Carter Binns:

Snyder, Schoeni, Pahl, and Schmeltz Families:

Courtney Binns:

Ryan Binns:

Libby Showalter:

Scott Pahl:

Ann Murray:

James Harrington (Jackie Dalton’s brother):


  • Norma Smith
  • Millie Atkins
  • Peter Stamos, beloved gym teacher/coach at Haisley Elementary in Ann Arbor back in the 70’s.
  • Michael Allen, who left this world far too early.
  • Jim Szumko


  • IBC_ Teri BriggsBob Schoeni and Gretchen Spreitzer
  • In honor of Alex and Hannah Halberstam, who worked to collect this conrtibution.
  • Sharon Fredericks
  • Brother Lou Gehrig
  • Moises Pigg and David
  • Stewart Wasson
  • To all the people battling this disease, especially Mary Fran Kolp, a good friend, mother of three young children, who was diagnosed a month ago. To all the people working behind the scenes to find a cure for ALS…THANK YOU.
  • Our family created an original song and video to spread awareness about ALS. We’d be delighted if you checked it out!
  • This is for Nick Snyder and Bethany Allen. Thanks for the challenge!
  • Inspired by the swimmers of the English Channel Crossing in 2012
  • Honoring the Martinez family for their work in Active Against ALS, and the ALS Awareness Field Day on September 28 in Burns Park
  • John Croft
  • We honor Sam Sugerman and his family for their Rivalry Ride that has raised money and awareness for ALS.
  • No buckets, water or ice were harmed in this challenge. I donated $1.00 for each one of my Facebook friends, $100.00 for Ian Icenhower who challenged me, and an additional $100.00 for my dear friend Stacey Johns who lost her dad, Mike Johns, to this horrible disease in 2010.
  • This one’s for you j. No ice water wasted ON me…it’s IN me.
  • Robin Orr
  • Roger Martinez, by the C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital Employees and Team Captain, Dr. Joe Martinez.
  • Rob Suskin