Current Fundraising Initiatives

Team Schoeni at the Electric Bolt 8K/5K for ALS!

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We are strong girls determined to make a difference. We are running the Electric Bolt to raise money for research to find a cure for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

We are motivated to do this because our friend’s dad (and our awesome coach) is battling Lou Gehrig’s Disease and we want to find a cure.

For many of us, Bob was our first coach in soccer… and field hockey… and basketball… and softball…

And still, even while raising and coaching his own daughters today, he is a big part of OUR lives!

Coach Bob is an amazing, wonderful person and we would love to help him. It would be great if you would help us help him by donating. THANK YOU!



Team Schoeni

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Leah Webber Runs Hard for ALS!

Leah will run the equivalent of FOUR MARATHONS in four months!

Hi I’m Leah Webber, and I, like a few of my friends, will become a bat-mitzvah in the near future (April 2013).

As part of this journey we are encouraged to do a ‘good deed’, mitzvah, or contribute somehow to our community. I like that A2A3 (Ann Arbor Active Against ALS) was started in my neighborhood in response to one of my coaches being diagnosed with ALS. A2A3 not only donates all proceeds it raises to ALS research, but also raises awareness of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) by encouraging and helping people to be more active and strong.

This is exactly the opposite of what this disease does to the bodies of those who have it.

I like being active and hope to get in better shape for field hockey (which is my favorite team sport right now), so thought I’d run to raise money for this great cause.

Since four is my lucky number, and my bat mitzvah is in April, the 4th month of the year, I plan to run four virtual marathons in less than four months, which is 104.8 miles. (If you REALLY want to help even more, send the link to this form to FOUR of your friends!)

Any amount you can donate – even just ten or twenty cents per mile – will make a difference!