15-Year Anniversary

Active Against ALS Celebrates 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY

15 Years +  15 Focused Challenges = $150K

It doesn’t seem possible, but Active Against ALS will celebrate its 15 year anniversary in 2023!  That is 15 years of donating funds to research, building community awareness, and raising hope for those affected by ALS.  We would like to thank the community for their support in donating $886,731 so far to fund ALS research – but we are just getting started!  Our goal is to raise an additional $150,000 this year to put us over the $1M mark! 

In honor of this milestone, our board members, and our Active Against ALS community, will be participating in “15” Focused Challenges throughout the year to raise funds and awareness of ALS.  We will pledge to read 15 books a month, run 15 miles, or bake 15 pies! Join us and challenge yourself to a goal of “15″ miles, books, laps, or anything!  –  let’s get creative! These challenges will be featured on our web site, social media, newsletters, and other communications throughout 2023.  Email us if you would like to develop a challenge of your own to help support our goal.  Check back here throughout the year to follow our progress and donate to our challenges.  You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Monthly Challenges!

Click on the Donate button to support any of the monthly challenges or contribute to our 15-Year Anniversary fundraising goal.

February/March – Cocoa/Mocha Marathon
Kathy Siler and Laura Stidham will visit at least 15 coffee shops in Washtenaw county… and beyond, and invite friends and family to support our efforts with a $15 or more donation to Active Against ALS. To help raise awareness, we’ll wear AAALS gear, take selfies and photos of the participating shops (and any willing baristas).

March – Run 15 Miles
Owen Kris will run 15 miles a month, and will get 15 others to join him

March – Swim 15 Miles a Month
Felecia Smith will swim 15 miles a month, starting in March

April – 100 Mile Run
Matthew Schickling – Maddie Schoeni’s fiance will run 100 miles in 24 hours!

April – Steinhauer Family Relay
Anne Steinhauer, Administrator/Bookkeeper for Active Against ALS, and her family will run a 15 mile relay on April 15. 

May – Add ALS books to Little Free Libraries
Kathy Siler will add ALS related books to 15 Little Free Libraries during May for ALS Awareness month

May – Walk in 15 different parks and preserves
Susan Miller will complete a 2-3 mile run/walk in 15 different parks and preserves in the area, inviting a different friend to join her on each adventure.

June – Stair Challenge
Pat Bisgaier will climb a flight of stairs, fifteen times a day, every day in the month of June, and get 15 others to do the same.

October- 15 Acts of Kindness
Gretchen Spreitzer, Greta Krapohl, Raleigh Sadlier and Gayle Rosen will each be doing 15 Random Acts of Kindness.

November – Run 15 Miles a Week
Gayle Rosen will run 15 miles a week – to celebrate turning 60 this month. Gretchen Spreitzer and Raleigh Sadlier will join her.