Ann Arbor Active Against ALS is a grassroots, nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise funds for research toward effective treatments and ultimately a cure for ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), while raising awareness of the disease, encouraging physical activity, and building a compassionate community.

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Rivalry Ride

5th Annual Stadium to Stadium Rivalry Ride for ALS


 Rivarly Ride Registration or Donation Link

Here are the 2016 Maps: the Big House to Spartan Stadium:

The Big House to Stockbridge

Stockbridge to Spartan Stadium

Thank You to our sponsor, The Local Bike Shop A2!

Please join us on October 29, 2016 when we bike from Michigan Stadium to Spartan Stadium! Contact us at [email protected] for more information.


Can’t ride the morning of the game?  JUST RIDE ON YOUR OWN!
Sign up as a “satellite rider” to be part of the team – we’ll send you a T-shirt and log your miles with the group. Log your miles however, you want –  here are some great ways to participate on your own or with your own group:

  • Ride all on your own – all at once or over how many days as you want…
  • Ride on a stationary bike at the gym, on a bike trainer, or on rolls…
  • Ride on trails, dirt or paved roads, or rails-to-trails…
  • Get a group together and ride your 65 miles from some other starting point to Spartan Stadium… or to some other destination (will you tell us where you did it?)
  • Do your ride on Friday before the game, Sunday after the game – or whenever you choose!
  • When you sign up using our online form, be sure to select “SATELLITE RIDER” and provide a good email so we can contact you if needed to get you your shirt, log your miles, etc.

Rivalry Ride 2016

Join us on Michigan-MSU game day, October 29th, for our 5th Annual ride between the Big House in Ann Arbor and Spartan Stadium in East Lansing!  Transportation of bikes and riders back from East Lansing is still in the planning stages…

Rivarly Ride Registration or Donation Link


  • Date: Saturday, October 29th
  • Fees: $30 will cover your shirt and lunch.
  • $10 extra for OPTIONAL rider and bus transport back from East Lansing to Ann Arbor – this will be a great way to go!
  • Route:  Paper, PDF file, and online versions of maps will be provided. The route is roughly 65 miles, mostly on paved, flat country roads – though some hard packed gravel roads are included on the official route – road bikes have had no trouble in the past.
  • Food: Lunch at roughly halfway (in Stockbridge) will be included, plus there will be a stop for cider and doughnuts in Dexter – and a game day tailgate! Riders may wish to bring their own on-bike snacks and cash for other stops.
  • Shirts: Comfy commemorative printed RIVALRY RIDE T-Shirts will be INCLUDED as special mementos – design will be the same as last year. 
  • Transportation: Details are being finalized for Lansing to Ann Arbor transport for riders and bikes.
  • Ride Start: The main group will meet at 7:30am at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor leave soon after.  People arranging their own transportation or meeting us along the way to ride only part of the ride are welcome – make sure you provide an email so we can work out and communicate all of those details! We do hope that partial route riders will wait at the halfway point or other location until the first full route riders arrive. Please coordinate with us – thank you!
Rivarly Ride Registration or Donation Link

Sam Sugerman and his family and friends  started this ride back in 2012 and it has grown ever since!

Please SHARE THE SIGN UP/DONATION LINK to help raise funds for ALS!  Get your friends and family to CONTRIBUTE and/or JOIN US for all or part of the ride from the Big House to Spartan Stadium for the 5th Annual Rivalry Ride!!!

If you can’t be there, please consider making a Donation (100% of donations will be given to ALS research) to Active Against ALS .

Are you planning to ride? Want more info? Need a map? Email Sam at [email protected].

Thank you for your support! Check out our donations so far!


Rivarly Ride Registration or Donation Link